The following are links to just some the institutions and organisations that SOTEMS members are involved in, sorted by state :


Ikon Institute

The Ikon Institute is an international organisation dedicated to teaching, research and innovative practice in areas which are of immense and immediate concern in the contemporary world. It offers accredited vocational education courses in Transpersonal Counselling and Art Therapy.


International Institute for Complementary Therapists

The IICT is a professional membership and insurance association that tailors to natural health practitioners who practice several modalities and wish to have the benefits of membership without the necessity of joining several associations for each modality practiced.


SunFire Eagle Medicine

Indra is an advanced Shamanic Practitioner working in the natural environments of the Adelaide Hills. His unique "Elemental Voice" Medicine Card readings open the door to profound healing and insight and are available via Skype anywhere in the world.


Kalinda Psychology and Counselling Service

Fiona is a registered Psychologist with a Masters in Psychology (Counselling).  Fiona has worked in a community health setting and has training in therapeutic approaches for depression, anxiety, trauma, critical incident debriefing, relationship and life transition.  Specialist skills include Transpersonal Psychology, Art Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


Bone Seed Wisdom Spiritual Services

Guy is a traditionally trained and initiated sangoma. (traditional healer and shaman in the Southern African culture)  Guy is also an initiated shaman and ceremonial leader of SOTEMS. Through Bone Seed Wisdom, Guy offers a wide range of tools to help understand and resolve the difficulties of the soul's journey through life, using a guided & supportive approach. These are based on traditional methods that have been used, very successfully, over the centuries by many traditional cultures around the world, often to treat the exact same kinds of difficulties that we might find ourselves struggling with, in our society today.


Waqamayu Shamanic Work

Waqamayu offers shamanic programs and ceremony for women and men who wish to discover and walk their spiritual path.



Transformational Counselling

Lily is a Creative Psychotherapist. She has a Masters of Creative Art Therapy (MIECAT) and an Adv Dip in Transpersonal Counselling (Phoenix) as well as having completed many years of study in Shamanic Practice (SOTEMS). She offers a wide range of therapeutic tools including counselling, ceremonial work and art based approaches.



Agape Funerals

We provide families with all the options of funeral arrangements, including at home funerals, alternative burials, environmentally friendly products and value for money solutions. At Agape Funerals we look after your loved one as if they where our own.

Agape means unconditional love and that is the ethos of our services. - Theodore Dimopoulos, Funeral Director. 

Contact : or ph: 0413-016-141



Transpersonal Medicine & Kinesiology Centre

Peter operates a clinic in Melbourne, Australia working with clients using Transpersonal Medicine,
Kinesiology, and Neurology. Professional teaching seminars in Neuro Spiritual Integration (NSI), Neural Organisation Technique (NOT), and Neural Emotional Pathways (NEPS) are also detailed.


Healing with Imagination

As a qualified and registered counsellor (ACA) that specialises in transpersonal therapy, Kirilly offers a unique counselling service that departs somewhat from the usual conversational style of counselling. As an artist, Shamanic Healer and Astrologer Kirilly prefers to tap into her client’s creative and spiritual side for healing. Receiving counselling with Kirilly is a soulful and usually quite uplifting experience, as one explores the potentials of their crisis or stasis.



GVHealing offers reliable Therapeutic massage, Emotional release massage, Counselling, Shamanic Healings, Women's Inspiration group, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) sessions, Astrology sessions and Tarot readings, to clients who require something which will assist them in their journey to wellness in a peaceful environment which respects the client at all times.