Spiritual Ceremonies

Sweat Lodge Melbourne

The Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society (SOTEMS) has a fundamental goal to create a pathway to express the unique spirituality of this continent and its people, drawing on the wisdom and healing traditions of many cultures as a starting point. The SOTEMS sweat lodge ceremony has been developed as part of the ongoing creation of a healing community distinctive to contemporary Australia. It is not part of the Lakota (North American Indian) traditions.


The Vision Quest is one of the most powerful and enduring experiences which is available to us in our contemporary society. It is an opportunity to step outside of all the routines of everyday life and perceive one’s self and one’s life through a new set of lenses informed by the land upon which we live.

SOTEMS Healing Ceremonies

Individual ceremonies conducted by the Society are taught to initiated apprentices. It is important for each member of the Lodge to establish where they are in their spiritual life....self-reflection and an assessment of values and life direction for example.


An exciting opportunity to explore what it means to view our lives in a contemporary modern society through a uniquely Australian shamanic context.

Men's Initiation Program

The men's initiation program is part of the ceremonial practice and cultural property of the Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society.

Womens Initiation Ceremony

This very special ceremony is for women of all ages to celebrate, heal, honour and reclaim the full power and gifts of womanhood. The ceremony is an ordeal, challenging and encouraging you to re-birth and become the woman you dream yourself to be.