Womens Initiation Ceremony

This very special ceremony is for women of all ages to celebrate, heal, honour and reclaim the full power and gifts of womanhood. The ceremony is an ordeal, challenging and encouraging you to re-birth and become the woman you dream yourself to be.

  • Womens Initiation Ceremony
  • Healesville

Healesville, Victoria - 12-14 April 2019

The nature of initiation ceremonies is never revealed outside the circle that holds it. Each woman who chooses to participate will do so from a knowing that this is for her, and the process will remain unknown until it is encountered. No two ceremonies are exactly the same. Each woman calls in the fullness of her feminine medicine to awaken her life.

The ceremony is conducted over three days and two nights and is a powerful and beautiful rite of passage and transition. All accommodation and food is provided.

You will be guided and supported through the ceremony by Jennie Dickson and Maria-Elena Appeldorff, Senior Ceremonial leaders in SOTEMS and experienced travellers and guides in women’s medicine ways.

This experience has the capacity to change you and how you meet your life. It can renew your sense of who you are and how you may live your gifts.

Date and Costs

Date: Friday 12th April to Sunday 14th November 2019 (Arrive Friday 9am)
Venue: Healesville, Victoria
Cost: $650. $200 deposit to secure your place with full amount paid by 28th March.

Contact Details and Registration

Once you have completed the registration and been accepted to attend, we will send you further information for this personal and deep journey which will speak to you throughout your life.

For further information, please contact Jess on 0439-546-339 or email jessapple23@hotmail.com