Ungar Awakening Menopausal Journey

Forging a spiritual path of transformation into the landscape and terrain of menopause
Melbourne - February to June 2023

  • Ungar Snake
  • Flower Circle

An invitation to journey in the landscape of the perimenopause and menopause landscape. The Ungar Awakening Menopausal Journey is an awakening experience which invites you to navigate the diverse rich terrain of this important rite of passage that began at menstruation, together with a small intimate group of other women to bring a personal and shared experience of deep renewal and a new exciting newness. A time to explore, express, understand and emerge anew.

The great snake, Ungar, who opens her mouth widely to carry us down into the earth, where we are in the deep womb of our existence and of nature. Here beside the dark waters of her vast stomach we can rest and be supported, while she and us create a new path, forging out it’s features with our own bodies, hearts, mind and souls.
Moon Circle
Alone and together, we seek healing and transformation into the luminous experience of a new burnished mirror, buffed with courage and compassion throughout the journey.

The horizon of menopause begins in the primordial dark river of the earth mother’s womb, she carries us and births us into existence; just as Ungar delivers us to the centre of our worlds and ourselves.

Perimenopause and menopause are luminal. We experience them as a threshold; a Heroines journey, requiring us to navigate the life death life nature of this biological, psycho-spiritual transition. We must call on support, strength and endurance to fully engage with both the challenges and transcendence such a powerful and unavoidable rite of passage brings.

The mainstream views that describe and promote menopause as a crisis, suffering and ending; are dismissive, corrosive and diminishing. Rather menopause, it’s prelude and afterlife are a great initiation, an inner call home and an outward call of deep profound wisdom and action to be leaders for humanity and the earth. Menopause is a rising flame, encouraging us to welcome an alchemist re-imagining and exploration of our own unique gifts.


This is not without its challenges and requires us to trust in the ways and mystery of spirit, to navigate the trickster, the truth teller, dismantled and calling on our endurance, stamina and power. The experience of liberation into true sovereignty, must come with its uncertainty, for it is a visionary experience and opportunity for expansion, wisdom and wonder.

Medicine ways can assist us to traverse the creativity, shattering, chaos and disorientation of menopause. In the company of others, we will revisit, reclaim and step into the Mother of all wake up calls to weave the restoration of a new dream and vision.

We invite you, not only to discover and learn about ways to use a map/compass to navigate all stages of menopause, but most importantly, to bring your accumulated experience and wisdom to be part of a community forging a new map and mythology for one another and others to follow.

Who will benefit

Anyone who is in their early to mid-forties and older and is currently going through any stage of menopause, including onset of peri-menopause, menopause and post menopause


Anyone who is on a spiritual path or exploring their spirituality, creativity medicine ways and wants to be part of a community and experience that will assist you to embrace the great meaning and power of this time, with dignity and excitement.

The journey is held with integrity to ensure a sacred place of trust, support and vitality, where everyone has a place. The journey will unfold through creative and expressive arts, storytelling, ritual, ceremony, movement, myth making and connection; to enrich your experience of peri-/Menopause and it’s ever changing landscape

Through participating in this journey, you also become part of a dynamic evolutionary group of people thriving in the menopausal worlds of old while young stewards to our children, grandchildren and the earth; who will come together again.

Cost and Details

SOTEMS will be offering 2 rounds of the Menopause Dreaming commencing February – June 2023.

The commitment required will be to journey together throughout the entirety of the four months and meet once a month for half a day.

Direction Date Theme
East Sat 18th Feb 2023 Birth - Singing over the bones
North Sat 18th Mar 2023 Fire - Dancing with the flames
West Sat 22nd Apr 2023 Rebirth - The compassionate restoration
South Sat 20th May 2023 The Visionary - Keeper of the eternal flame
Centre Sat 24th June 2023 Coming Home - Guardian of the Earth

Cost :Total cost is; $850 / $780 SOTEMS members (Initial deposit of $150 to secure your place)

Ceremony Facilitator

Dale-AllisonDale-Allison is a Ceremonial Leader within SOTEMS and long-term active member. Dale-Allison has traversed the cycles and seasons of what it means to be She/ female. She has a long dynamic history and varied experiences as a conduit for people to experience the life enhancing joy of being part of a creative community, also comes as a long-term Community Development and Women's Health & Health Promotions worker.

Dale-Allison describes herself as a passionate “cultivator of community”. She brings openness, sincerity, integrity and playfulness.

She is also currently amidst the personal challenges and transformative experience of menopause and has a commitment, to help deconstruct the negative medicalisation and dismissive popular culture responses to the flaming rite of passage that is menopause.

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact Dale-Allison by email at daleallisonnewman@gmail.com or mobile 0457340218

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the traditional owners of this land, the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung people, their elders past, present and emerging.